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There are a few ways to determine which is considered the best mattress for you, but here at Bedrock, we find it simply boils down to expert advice and research. Mattresses come in all shapes and forms and choosing from such a wide variety can be confusing, leading to a rushed purchase. Below are just a few steps you can take to ensure you sleep comfortably all night long on your new mattress.

1. Expert advice

There are a few ways to determine which is considered the best mattress. By looking through our site you will see there are quite a few mattress types, such as foam mattresses, memory and latex mattresses, adjustable, traditional coil mattresses and pocket sprung.

Although, not everyone's opinion can match yours. By simply speaking to your local experts you can gather a great knowledge of the mattresses you are looking at, allowing you to step forward to the next step of trying them out for yourself.

2. Try them out for yourself

Now that you have heard everyone else's opinions and stored all the knowledge you can, simply go try the mattresses out for yourself in the stores. Different mattresses offer difference sleeping environments and each can have a big impact on the way you sleep.

Things to look out for:

  • Temperature; Different matteresses provide a variety of warmth throughout the night, be aware that some matteresses can simply be too hot!
  • Allergy; If you are an allergy sufferer, look out for the seal of approval that all manufacturers are to provide on their mattresses.
  • Spring rate/Firmness; Traditional sprung mattresses can differ on spring rates, providing a variety of sleeping conditions. Simply do your research and find out which firmness is right for you.

Figuring out which is the best mattress doesn't sound so difficult, but you should take your time if you plan to make a purchase.  We, as humans spend one third of our lives in bed, what is best for other people, just might not be the best for you. Taking your time is the essential ingredient when choosing a mattress.

3. The final step

Your journey is nearly at an end. You have now gathered expert advice, understood which mattress suits you and most importantly, tested them out. Our experts here at Bedrock are here to help you throughout your journey and on to your final decision. With a wealth of experience and product knowledge, our experts can ensure that you leave Bedrock Furniture happy that you have made the right choice. Our vast range of mattresses, beds, sofas and furniture can open your eyes to the extensive choice we can offer.

Mattress Showroom Bridgwater

Our experts here at Bedrock handpick all our display mattresses at our showroom to ensure you are only viewing the best products for comfort, cost efficiency and quality.

Our 'try before you buy' attitude extends to all areas of our business. We understand that choosing the right bed or right mattress is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. Afterall, a good nights sleep is priceless.

Come instore today, speak with our experts and start your very own journey. We can ensure that you will walk away happy with your purchase, ensuring that you will never get a restless night and will never have to buy twice.

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So what are you waiting for?

Come instore today and start your journey. Our experts are simply here to provide expert advice and find you the right mattress for your needs. We offer a vast range of products from leading manufacturers and amazing prices.
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We can supply the following types of mattresses:

Soft Mattreses Medium Mattresses
Pocket Sprung Mattresses Latex Mattresses
Childrens Mattresses Single Mattress
Double Mattress King Size Mattress
Hard Mattresses Small Double Mattress
Zip and Link Mattresses Super King Size Mattress