Cool Comfort 2200

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Cool Comfort 2200 award winning latest technology X8 foam adapts to your body to dynamically reduce all your pressure points and instantly cooling.


Our Cool Comfort 2200 mattress ensures perfect support with zero pressure. This is achieved using the award winning new technology with the X8 Ice Cloud foam. The new foam provides zero pressure and perfect body fit, the micro cube cell technology maximizes pressure relief by cleverly reacting to individual body pressure providing an unparalleled level of support and comfort as a result it reduces tossing and turning and dramatically improving sleep quality.

More Support Less Hug

Ice Cloud Vs Blue Memory Foam

X8 Ice Cloud foam is NOT memory foam or gel foam.

One of the most important differences between X8 Ice cloud foam and memory foam is the way it contours and hugs your body. Memory foam slowly contours to your body, trying to mould into every body shape. X8 Ice Cloud foam, by contrast, allows graduated compression, providing support without an enveloped feel and resulting in a cooler sleep.

X8 Ice cloud foam is a lighter feel, with more bounce, a faster response time, less hug, and a more generalized compression. The unique properties of X8 Ice Cloud foam allows for greater breathability and a cooler nights sleep.

For many sleepers these unique properties helps prevent the stuck or overly enveloped feel that can sometimes accompany memory foam.

Cool Comfort 2200 features:

  1. X8 Ice cloud foam layers: 5cm of award winning latest technology X8 Ice Cloud foam adapts to your body to dynamically reduce all your pressure points, instantly cooling, wicks heat away from your body.
  2. Posture support foam: 4cm Flex support foam.
  3. Pocket Springs: Carefully layered in pocket springs. 2200 of our Medium series 5 zone pocket springs bring out the performance of this mattress.
  4. Airtech Border: Our aerodynamic border is fitted to keep air flow consistent, helping you stay cooler and sleep deeper.
  5. Posture Support Foam: We’ve added a final layer of posture comfort support foam to provide you with that extra layer of support.
  6. Mattress Depth 28cm

Available in all sizes, also as a complete bed with various  storage options.

For more information on getting the best night’s sleep please click here. The Sleep Council advice pages for busy parents, children, etc.

When investing in a new mattress it is important to turn/rotate regularly. This evens out the wear of your usual sleeping positions. Therefore extending the mattress’s life.

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Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, Kingsize, Superking, Superking zip and link

1 review for Cool Comfort 2200

  1. R. Richards

    Friendly service, fast delivery and having the mattress rolled made delivery much easier and such a comfortable nights sleep.

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