Bed Month Promotions

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Its national Bed Month in March 2018, so time to think about the place we spend a third of our lives…….our bed!!!

It is recommended to replace your bed/mattress at least every 7 years.

Your old mattress might not look worn out, but it won’t be offering the same level of support that it did when you first bought it. But then again if you have been using it for an average of 8 hours a night, not just lying there but tossing and turning as much as 60-70 times a night, for the past 7 years that adds up to 20,440 hours of use!  With figures like that, it’s not hard to see why beds wear out in time.

It’s not just the mattresses ability to offer support that declines over time. A build-up of moisture and dead skin cells makes mattresses a favorite breeding ground for the common dust mite. bad news for any asthma sufferers.

So if you think your mattress has seen better days then why not pop along too us and see our amazing Bed Month Promotions.

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