Is it time for a new mattress

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Beds/Mattresses don’t last forever and it’s lifespan can be affected by many things such as quality, care and the amount you use it i.e  reading, watching TV and sleeping each night or occasional use of a spare bed.

Here are a few things to think about:

Is your mattress more than 7 years old?

Do you wake up feeling stiff and aching?

Are you sleeping as well as you did a year ago?

Did you sleep better in another bed recently?

Does your mattress show signs of wear and tear (would you be embarressed if your neighbours saw it without it’s covers on!)

If you answered Yes to most of these questions then the chances are it’s time to start looking for a new mattress

Here are a few things to consider before you go looking for a new Mattress

  • Do you prefer a firmer or softer feel to your mattress. Always shop together if the bed is for two, this ensures you are both happy with the choice.
  • What should you pay for a good mattress? Always shop for the best value not the lowest price, remember that every £100 you spend on a new mattress actually equates to an investment of just 2.7p a night (assuming a life span of 7 years). A bargain bed is not a bargain if you don’t sleep well on it.
  • Try before you buy: There is no substitute for lying on a mattress when deciding if it is right for you. You can read the description, like the price but there is no way of telling if it has the right level of support for you without lying on it. So come in store, take you coat off and lie on the bed (for at least 10 minutes) Lie in your normal sleeping position, on your back and side and see how it feels.

Here at Bedrock we have over 20 Mattresses on display in store that you can try. We have Open coil, pocket sprung, full foam as well as ones with Latex, Memory Foam, Zero Gravity Foam and Gel. Ranging from Soft through to very firm and  price (for a double mattress) from £125 – £799. So if you think it’s time to change that mattress pop along and see what we have to offer, with many mattresses in stock you could be enjoying a comfortable nights sleep the same day!!!


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