Beware when buying online!!!!

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Last week a customer come in store and found a lovely bed which they ordered and then say they have found it MUCH cheaper on-line.

This wasn’t the first time for this particular item so I then asked for the company names and website where she had found this stunning Oak king size bed for less than I pay for it!! After a little investigation and a phone call to the manufacturers agent and then the Managing Director it was discovered that they have never heard of this company, they have never supplied them with this stunning solid bed but were just using their image and claiming it was the same product!!!! They are now in the process of getting their product images removed from the fraudulent websites.


So please beware when you are buying on-line, things are not always as they seem. If a deal looks too good to be true then more often than not it is. We offer quality products at affordable prices. Obviously we can’t always be the cheapest especially when competing with on-line companies as we have the added expense of a showroom rent, rates etc but we can guarantee the products you see in store and purchase are the same ones that are delivered to your home. That is why we have been trading in the town for over 15 years and get recommendations daily from our satisfied customers.

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